Get the Best Anti Cheat Software for Your eSports Tournament

Get the Best Anti Cheat Software for Your eSports Tournament

Fair play and anti-cheat measures are increasingly necessary as competitive gaming gains more and more popularity. Cheating not only compromises the fairness of the game but also deters honorable players from taking part. This is why any eSports competition must use anti cheat software. But with so many solutions available, choose the best anti cheat software for your event can be difficult. This post, Lolt1 will walk you through the factors to take into account when picking best anti cheat software and show some of the top options, ensuring a fair and pleasurable gaming experience for all participants.

Understanding Anti-Cheat Software

Anti-cheat software is made to stop and catch cheating in online games, particularly those used in eSports competitions. It does this by keeping an eye on numerous gaming elements, like movement speed, shooting precision, and other things that would suggest cheating.

Anti-Cheat Software

Anti-cheat software varies in type, from uncomplicated client-side software to sophisticated server-side software. The client-side software functions on the player’s computer, scanning for any abnormal behavior or alterations made to the game files. Conversely, the server-side software runs on the game server, capable of identifying cheating, even if the player’s computer does not scan for it.

Anti-cheat software can be useful in identifying and thwarting cheating, but it is not infallible. It is still possible for skilled cheaters to get around the software, and occasionally false positives can happen and brand honest gamers as cheaters. Because of this, it’s crucial to select the top best anti cheat software for your eSports competition, taking into account its efficiency, compatibility, price, simplicity of use, and technical support.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Best Anti Cheat Software

Effectiveness of the Anti-Cheat Software

The most crucial aspect to take into account while selecting software for your eSports competition is the anti-cheat program’s effectiveness. Aimbotting, wallhacking, and other forms of cheating that offer players an unfair advantage should all be able to be detected and stopped by adequate anti-cheat software.

You can examine an anti-cheat program’s success rate in identifying and discouraging cheating to ascertain its efficacy. On their websites, certain anti-cheat software providers publish statistics illustrating the number of cheaters who have been found and blacklisted. Additionally, you can read evaluations and comments from other event directors who have utilized the software.

Compatibility with the Game and Platform

Software designed to prevent cheating must work with the game and platform being used for the competition. It is crucial to select best anti cheat software that is made to function with the particular game being played because not every anti-cheat software is compatible with all games. Additionally, certain anti-cheat software is created to function with specific systems, like Windows or Linux, so confirm the software is appropriate for the platform being used in the competition.

Compatibility with the Game and Platform

Cost of the Anti-Cheat Software

The cost of anti-cheat software can vary widely, depending on the type of software and the features it offers. Some anti-cheat software is free to use, while others require a subscription or one-time purchase. The cost of the software should be weighed against its effectiveness and other factors, such as ease of use and technical support.

Ease of Use for Tournament Organizers and Participants

Both tournament organizers and participants should find the best anti cheat software to be simple to use. Without substantial technical experience, tournament organizers have to be able to set up the software fast and efficiently. The software should not hinder participants’ gameplay and should be simple to install and operate.

Technical Support and Customer Service

When selecting best anti cheat software for your eSports competition, good technical support and customer care are crucial considerations. You’ll need to be able to get in touch with the business if there are any problems with the program. Look for businesses that provide timely and helpful support, whether it be via email, phone, or live chat.

Top Anti-Cheat Software for eSports Tournaments

Top Anti-Cheat Software for eSports Tournaments

There are several best anti cheat software options available for eSports tournaments, each with its own features and benefits. Here are some of the top best anti cheat software options for eSports tournaments:

  1. EasyAntiCheat Easy – Many game developers and eSports competitions employ the well-known anti-cheat program AntiCheat. Popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are among the many games that it is made to play with. EasyAntiCheat is client-side software that checks the player’s PC for signs of cheating. It offers good technical assistance and is simple to install and operate.
  2. BattleEye – Many well-known titles, like PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege, use BattleEye, a server-side anti-cheat program. It can detect a variety of cheats, including aimbotting and wallhacks, and is made to be very successful at both catching and stopping cheating. BattleEye offers good technical assistance and is simple to install and use.
  3. Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) – Valve Corporation’s anti-cheat software, Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC), is applied to their developed games, such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and functions server-side. VAC is specifically designed to efficiently detect and prohibit cheating, with its exceptional capacity to recognize an extensive variety of cheats such as aimbotting and wallhacks. Moreover, VAC’s user-friendly installation and utilization, as well as its competent technical assistance, make it a sought-after anti-cheat software.
  4. PunkBuster – Many well-known video games, like Call of Duty and Battlefield, employ PunkBuster as its server-side anti-cheat program. Aimbotting and wallhacks are only a couple of the many cheats that it can identify because it is made to be very good at both catching and stopping cheating. The installation and operation of PunkBuster are simple, and it provides excellent technical support.


In conclusion, anti-cheat software is a crucial tool for making sure that there is fair play in eSports competitions. It’s crucial to take its efficiency, compatibility, price, usability, and technical support into account while selecting best anti cheat software. EasyAntiCheat, BattleEye, Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC), and PunkBuster are just a few of the anti-cheat software alternatives available, each with unique features and advantages. Your players’ game experience will be fair and entertaining if you select the best anti cheat software for your event.

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