How to use summoner spells effectively in League of Legends

How to use summoner spells effectively in League of Legends

League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, is a game known for its dynamic and strategic gameplay. One crucial aspect that often separates skilled players from beginners is the effective use of summoner spells. These spells provide game-changing abilities that can turn the tide of battles and secure victory for your team. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into How to use summoner spells effectively in League of Legends to utilize them to their fullest potential.

Understanding Summoner Spells

How to use summoner spells effectively in League of Legends
How to use summoner spells effectively in League of Legends

Summoner spells are powerful abilities that are available to every player in the game. Each player can select two summoner spells before the match begins, and these spells have a significant impact on the gameplay. There is a wide variety of summoner spells in League of Legends, each serving a unique purpose. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most commonly used summoner spells:

1. Flash

Flash is arguably the most versatile summoner spell in the game. It allows your champion to quickly move a short distance in the direction of your cursor. Flash can be used defensively to escape dangerous situations or offensively to close the gap between you and an enemy. Its versatility makes it a must-have spell for nearly every champion.

2. Ignite

Ignite is an offensive summoner spell that deals true damage over time to an enemy champion. It’s often used to secure kills during fights and counter healing effects, making it particularly effective against champions with strong sustain abilities.

3. Heal

Heal is a spell that restores health to your champion and a nearby ally. It can be a lifesaver during early-game skirmishes and teamfights, providing a burst of healing that can turn the tide of battle. Additionally, it grants a movement speed boost, aiding in both engagements and disengagements.

4. Teleport

Teleport allows your champion to quickly travel to a friendly minion, turret, or ward on the map. It’s a strategic spell that can be used to split push, defend objectives, or join teamfights from afar. Proper teleport usage requires map awareness and communication with your team.

5. Barrier

Barrier provides a temporary shield that absorbs incoming damage. It’s a defensive spell that can be used to survive burst damage in critical moments. Properly timing Barrier can mean the difference between life and death.

6. Exhaust

Exhaust is a utility spell that reduces the damage output and movement speed of a target enemy champion. It’s often used to shut down high-damage threats or to protect yourself or an ally from being burst down.

7. Cleanse

Cleanse removes crowd control (CC) effects from your champion, such as stuns, slows, and silences. It’s a valuable spell against teams with heavy crowd control compositions, as it allows you to maintain control of your character during fights.

8. Smite

Smite is a unique summoner spell primarily used by junglers. It deals significant true damage to monsters and enemy minions, making it essential for securing neutral objectives like Dragon and Baron Nashor.

Strategic Applications of Summoner Spells

How to use summoner spells effectively in League of Legends
How to use summoner spells effectively in League of Legends

To truly master summoner spells, it’s essential to understand their strategic applications in different phases of the game.

Early Game

During the laning phase, summoner spells can make or break an engagement. Flash is often held onto defensively to escape ganks, while Ignite is typically used aggressively to secure early kills. Heal can turn the tides of early skirmishes, and Barrier can prevent first blood or surprise kills from opponents.

Mid Game

As the game progresses, Teleport becomes more impactful. It can be used to join fights on the other side of the map, split push, or quickly defend a vulnerable turret. Ignite remains valuable for securing kills, while Exhaust gains importance in protecting your carries from assassins or high-damage champions.

Late Game

In the late game, summoner spells can heavily influence the outcome of teamfights and objective contests. Flash is a game-changer, allowing for clutch engages or escapes. Proper positioning and timing of summoner spells like Barrier and Cleanse can determine whether a carry survives long enough to deal damage or get picked off early.

Tips for Effective Usage

How to use summoner spells effectively in League of Legends
How to use summoner spells effectively in League of Legends
  1. Map Awareness: Keep an eye on the minimap to make the most out of Teleport opportunities. Look for potential ganks, objective fights, or opportunities to split push.
  2. Cooldown Management: Be aware of your summoner spell cooldowns and the enemies’ cooldowns as well. Avoid aggressive plays when your defensive summoner spells like Flash or Barrier are on cooldown.
  3. Communication: Coordinate with your team to make the most out of your summoner spells. Let your team know when your Teleport is up or if you’ve used important defensive spells.
  4. Predictive Use: Anticipate enemy actions and use summoner spells proactively. For example, use Barrier just before an enemy’s burst combo or Ignite to negate healing from a champion like Soraka.
  5. Objective Control: If you’re a jungler, use Smite to secure important neutral objectives like Dragon, Baron Nashor, or Rift Herald. Secure the vision around these objectives to prevent steal attempts.
  6. Mind Games: Use summoner spells to bait opponents into unfavorable engagements. For instance, act like you’re retreating with low health, only to turn around and use Barrier to survive an enemy’s all-in attempt.
  7. Practice Makes Perfect: Experiment with different summoner spell combinations for different champions and playstyles. Over time, you’ll learn the optimal times to use each spell.


Summoner spells are a fundamental aspect of League of Legends that can significantly impact the outcome of matches. They require a deep understanding of their strategic applications, careful cooldown management, and effective communication with your team. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey in the game, mastering the art of summoner spells will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay and contribute to your success on the Rift. So, experiment, adapt, and remember that summoner spells are not just abilities but keys to victory.

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