Why T1 Keria is the best supports in the League of Legends right now

Why T1 Keria is the best supports in the League of Legends right now

Hello readers, I am here to talk about T1 Keria, the support champion in League of Legends. He is one of the most versatile supports in the game, providing a good mix of crowd control, healing, and zoning. In this blog, we will explain why Keria is the best supports in the League of Legends right now.

The League of Legends community has previously witnessed a number of superstar Supporters or even visionaries. They are the players who fill underappreciated roles but “carry the team,” helping to create the gameplay. The usual suspects include MadLife, Wolf, Mata, and later Ming, Meiko.

However, illustrious supports are becoming more and more scarce, particularly since Riot changed League of Legends’ gameplay to make it perform on the upper wing. Although there are still some players (typically BeryL) who leave a unique imprint, this number is incredibly small.

It wasn’t until Keria arrived at T1 and the action switched to bot lane that another brilliant Support, Keria, became known. According to an article on Dexerto, Keria himself isn’t completely confident in claiming he’s the best support, but his consistent efficiency in 2021 has marked him as one of the best in the world.

Additionally, a biography on the League of Legends Fandom Wiki states that Keria’s former teammate Deft called him one of the best support players in South Korea even before he had debuted in pro play, and that T1 Keria is one of the best supports in South Korea.

Although Keria hasn’t won a world championship, her success is undeniable. Not to mention, he is one of the select names who has consistently delivered the finest results at T1 over a long period of time. Even Coach Daeny, who is renowned for switching up the lineup and ready to demote Faker to the bench, did not move T1 Keria from her current spot.

Not to mention, Wolf, Keria’s former teammate, was given a lower ranking by coach Bengi himself in a recent interview: “Wolf’s style is very appropriate for Bang. However, when it comes to T1 Keria, it is the leader’s and the leader’s manner. His potential champions range widely. While they are all great athletes, Keria would win if I had to pick.

Keria for LCK MVP 2022

Keria for LCK MVP 2022

T1 Keria, one of the best League of Legends players and likely the best support in the world at the moment, completed the 2022 LCK season with an impressive 462 assists. During the Spring Split, Keria had over 460 assists and rose to become one of the best players in the globe. Not just in the LCK, but in all leagues, his roving and playmaking skills are unparalleled.

It’s time for that to change because Keria was the player who led T1 to their 18-0 record, breaking the LCK’s tradition of never awarding an MVP to a support player. T1 heavily relies on his call-to-kick skills and golf shot execution. It is clear that the entire squad poses a threat when examining all of T1 and their POG ratings. Keria, however, stood out for her game sense and her capacity to create plays, even when T1 was down.

LCK Spring 2023: What does T1 Keria say about the ADC Support meta?

It is well known that Keria is the “pioneer” name for teaching LoL players poor luck by repeatedly choosing odd cards. Players were cautioned not to enter the position with picks or bans like T1 by BTC LCK in addition to Keria.

The biggest benefit of the support ADC playstyle, in T1 Keria’s opinion, is that it has a superior laning advantage. From there, the jungler will have assistance from the bottom lane area to spread out and influence the dragon cave area. The squad with the most dragons will be significantly more advantageous. Additionally, the pick and ban portion will benefit from being able to play ADC in the support role.

However, this gameplay has a huge drawback. It is “you have to really master the champions to be able to play well. Not only that, but you must have a clear plan of action in the game when you choose a unique hand. It is also necessary to know specifically how to gain an advantage for that champion. You also need to be more coordinated in the bot lane than when you play a traditional support.” – T1 Keria emphasized.

Keria or BHL T1 also look to other local competitions for the most original strategies. Compared to last season, T1’s pick/ban ability has also considerably improved. Keria stated that T1 has performed admirably in practice games so they can try a variety of cards.

“Because there were squads that we were quite confident in playing, BHL tested a wider variety of champions in scrims. Sometimes, there is a champion that looks good in the squad, I will research it myself. I often recommend tests with Oner and Zeus.” – T1 Keria revealed.

T1 has had a nearly constant roster for the last three years. As a result, their coordination will improve, they will comprehend one another better, and they will recognize that everyone has a unique demeanor. T1 has become the first name to appear in the LCK Spring 2023 Playoffs after six weeks of formal competition.

Keria definitely leads the POG LCK Spring 2023

Keria definitely leads the POG LCK Spring 2023

T1 and DK’s epic battle, which was the highlight of the final week of the LCK Spring Split 2023, has now come to a close. T1 had a significant advantage in both matches following the laning period, and they played a controlled game before trouncing DK 2-0.

Particularly in game 1 when DK wanted to remove players, T1 Keria continued to be the team’s shining star. Thresh’s death sentences in Keria’s hand always found the right location and improved the presumption for teammates. T1 improved to a 12-game winning run with a convincing victory.

In the championship match of the LCK Spring 2023, T1 easily defeated DK. Keria had an extra 100 POG and unquestionably won the group stage.

It can be said that T1 Keria’s expansive champion pool and surprising selection are one of the things that help T1 fly high, particularly in the LCK Spring 2023. After a disappointing 2022 season, many fans expect that Keria will be able to win domestic and international championships with T1. The season is still young.

Final Words

T1 Keria is the best supports in the League of Legends right now because he is able to help his team win games by providing buffs and healing. He is a versatile support who can play a variety of roles and is very reliable. His ability to help his team win games makes his the best support in the League of Legends.

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