T1 Player Profile: Gumayusi and the Journey to Become a Super Gunner in League of Legends

T1 Player Profile: Gumayusi and the Journey to Become a Super Gunner in League of Legends

Welcome to our blog where lolt1 will discuss Gumayusi’s gameplay in League of Legends and team T1. Gumayusi is one of the most talented players in the world, and his play in League of Legends is remarkable.

Gumayusi is known for his aggressive play, which often makes him play big for his team. He is also known for his strong support play, helping his team survive and win games. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We hope you like it.

Who is Gumayusi?

Gumayusi, also known as Lee Min-hyeong, is a South Korean professional League of Legends player who currently plays for T1, one of the most successful teams in the history of League of Legends.

He plays the role of Bot Laner for T1 in League of Legends. The Bot Lane position is responsible for providing consistent damage to enemies and securing objectives like Dragon and Baron Nashor. Gumayusi’s role in T1 is crucial in team fights, as they play a significant role in dealing damage and securing objectives.

Gumayusi first gained recognition in the League of Legends scene as a member of the Seoul amateur team that won the 2018 KeG Championship. This victory earned them a spot in the 2018 KeSPA Cup, where they managed to upset an LCK team, Hanwha Life Esports, in the elimination round before falling to DAMWON Gaming in the qualification round.

After the KeSPA Cup, Gumayusi joined SK Telecom T1 as a trainee before being promoted to the main team. He made his LCK debut in the Korea Regional Finals 2020.

Since joining T1, Gumayusi has become a key player on the team, helping them win the LCK championship and earning recognition as part of the LCK All-Pro First Team. As of March 2023, Gumayusi is still an active player for T1 and is participating in the LCK Spring 2023 season.

Finale, Catan, and Gumayusi were the first LoL characters that Gumayusi was given.

Gumayusi’s well-known generals include Aphelios,…

Who is Gumayusi?

When did Gumayusi’s career as a pro gamer begin?

As a member of the Seoul amateur squad that won the 2018 KeG Championship, T1 Gumayusi first gained notoriety. They were able to beat Hanwha Life Esports of the LCK in the tournament’s knockout rounds thanks to this. However, they lost to DAMWON Gaming in the preliminaries. Gumayusi altered his name to Catan and joined SK Telecom T1 as a trainee following the conclusion of the KeSPA Cup.

T1 Gumayusi made an unexpected professional debut for T1 in the 2020 Regional Finals after serving as a trainee and stand-in for T1 for the majority of 2019 and 2020. Due to their regular season performance, T1 was seeded into the second round, where they beat Afreeca Freecs 3-1 before losing to Gen.G 3-0 in the championship match and failing to qualify for this year’s Worlds.

At the LCK summer 2021, T1 Gumayusi took Teddy’s spot and is now on the way to becoming a new super-collector.

Achievements of Gumayusi and his contributions to team T1

Gumayusi debuted in the LCK in the 2020 Korea Regional Championships. Since joining T1, Gumayusi has achieved several significant accomplishments, including winning the LCK championship and being named to the LCK All-Pro First Team once. He has remained loyal to the team and has expressed his belief that being faithful to his first team, T1, is an essential part of his success in the world of pro gaming.

Achievements of Gumayusi and his contributions to team T1

Gumayusi’s style of play in League of Legends

T1 had a nearly flawless first week with a 6-0 win in the Warm-Up stage when the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI 2022) got going. 26 victories in a row to remain unbeaten since the 2022 LCK Spring Split. T1 gradually began to feel as though it was “forgetting” the smell of defeat this season, but at the same time, the LCK region’s representative unexpectedly received a bitter fruit from G2 Esports. when this squad triumphed over T1 in the opening game of the MSI 2022 Warm-Up Round.

Additionally, on the following match days, Royal Never Give Up of the LPL and Evil Geniuses won the first leg against Faker and his partners. As a result, many Korean esports fans must experience disappointment after placing all of their expectations in the LCK’s lone representative team at this MSI.

Gumayusi also freely admits that he regularly boosts his self-esteem by engaging in daily rituals like loosening up about 30 minutes before a game. T1’s ADC reviews each of his matches after each day of competition is complete to evaluate his gameplay and, if necessary, improve his performance by practicing more.

In order to prepare for the upcoming matches, Gumayusi simultaneously observed the opponent’s other matches. Gumayusi, the LCK winner from the previous spring, acknowledges that this time around’s opponents at MSI 2022 are all strong squads. He reminded himself that he still had a long way to go in his career.

After the 2021 Worlds, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok—most T1’s seasoned senior—has fought at the top of the international stage twice, but Gumayusi still frequently consults him. Gumayusi also views Keria as “very smart” because, after fighting alongside T1’s Support for years, she is not only a great teammate but also the one who offers guidance on anything. What is it that he needs assistance with?

Final Thoughts

Gumayusi played a significant role for T1 as Bot Laner. He was a crucial part of the team’s success, and was able to contribute significantly to their victories. Gumayusi is a skilled player who is sure to continue to improve and shine on the international stage. He is a great addition to T1, and we look forward to seeing more of his play in the future.

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